Soak Up The History And culture Of Cape Town At The GrandWest Casino

The GrandWest casino is not just the average Joe type of casino, and combined with the Mother city of South Africa, and her breath taking views and rich cultural history, you have a winning combination on your hands already! The GrandWest casino is the largest casino in Cape Town, and the range of slots and games available is astonishing, so why don’t you make time to soak up the history and couture of Cape Town at the GrandWest casino.

This jewel of a casino is owned and managed by the biggest casino and entertainment group in the Southern hemisphere, the Sun City Group.

The whole layout and design of the GrandWest casino is based on the rich history and culture of the beautiful City of Cape Town. Everything from the architecture right up to the smallest decorative detail has been tailored around this fantasy where players can soak up the history and culture of Cape Town at the GrandWest casino.

The GrandWest casino brings you 2500 slots and an amazing 78 game tables and a whole array of additional luxury extras like restaurants, accommodation and various other entertainment centres like cinemas etc.

The Best Slots On Offer At GrandWest Casino

When you visit an entertainment destination the size of this casino, you just cannot help but soak up the history and culture of Cape Town at the GrandWest casino. There is thousands of slots to choose from and the selection of tables and games will keep you busy for hours on end. The GrandWest casino prides themselves on their vast variety of slots they have to offer, and to top this off all these slots offer safe and coinless playing options.

This casino is this popular for a very good reason; they make sure you have the time of your life! Keep an eye out for special promotions at the GrandWest casino, who knows, you might just walk away with great prizes. As you might already know, GrandWest also has an online casino for those of you who do not visit Cape Town as often. These promotions even run on the online casino as well, all you have to do is become a loyalty member.

Sun International offers a rewards and loyalty program for their regular players, and the prizes are grand! You can win anything from cash prizes to lucky draws for vehicles and so much more. GrandWest loyalty members will also get other freebees like a drink on the house while you play, and better rates on accommodation. If this is not enough reason to soak up the history and culture of Cape Town at the GrandWest casino, then I don’t know what is.

Experience an Alternative Online

First prize would be to soak up the history and culture of Cape Town at the GrandWest casino, but if you can’t make it to Cape Town or if you reside elsewhere, you can play at an online casino in the comfort of your own home. The top online casinos offer thousands of online slots and an assortment of table game from all the big developers and you can play at your leisure.

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